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Nam Phat Trading Investment Company Limited is a trading company in Vietnam specializing in providing packaging solutions based on customers requirements. Nam Phat Trading has been providing a  variety of products to customers from Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan and United States.

Nam Phat provides plastic industry products including:

      • POF shrink film
      • LDPE shrink film
      • Agricultural silage film
      • PE protective film
      • Food wrap
      • Food bags, zipper bags, industrial bags…


Nam Phat Trading thrives to become the leading plastic film supplier by providing high quality products as well as supporting customers to increase efficiency and save costs.

Why Us?


We provide PE & POF films from different materials, customized films with different thicknesses, sizes for different requirements, suitable for all customers.


Optimize and increase the efficiency of the packaging process. Improve efficiency for automated warehouses. Customers can save up to 50% of the costs.


Nam Phat provides plastic films with the ability to withstand high & low temperatures, good resistance to UV radiation, and high load holding capacity.

All the best item for You

NPT takes pride in our market knowledge and cordial relationship with all of our manufacturers and customers.

Team Members


Quan Tran

Head of Business Development

Khanh Nong

Head of Finance