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Easy To Tear POF Shrink Film

Designed to be easily teared when opening the products packaging. It can be torn easily along the cut direction of the pre-pasted tear free label while also improving the product packaging grade.

Economic Shrink Film

This film shrinks at a lower temperature compare to regular film. It is designed to improve customers product visual while providing value, versatility and durability

Economic Crosslinked Film

The perfect combination between performance and yeild. Offer high strength and high seal-ability. The higher yielding gauges also provide lower film cost per package. Suitable for nearly all sealing systems.

Hot Slip & Low Temp Shrink Film

This product provides great shrinkage at low temperature while maintain high shrink speed and good sealing strength. Suitable for any packaging machine.

Standard POF Shrink Film

Strong, high clarity, biaxially oriented POF shrink film with stable and balanced shrinkage. Soft touch and will not become brittle at normal freezer temperatures. Cost effective.

High Speed Packaging Shrink Film

Designed for applications requiring maximum retail presentation, This product is a multi-layer, non crosslinked structure engineered specifically for high-speed packaging applications.

Crosslinked POF Shrink Film

This versatile shrink film is user friendly, offer up to 80% shrinkage rate, burn through resistance, strong seals & tear resistance. Suitable for nearly all packaging systems

Anti Fog Crosslinked Shrink Film

The perfect solution for refrigerated foods. Its anti-fog resistance stops water condensation build up on the surface allowing refrigerated products to remain visible in the retail display case.

Hot Marco Perforated Shrink Film

The hot marco perforated POF shrink film is suitable for the food industry packaging. Its features allow increased air exchange between packed food and outside air while will help to keep the product fresh.

Printed POF Shrink Film

High quality packaging solutions designed to enhance the visual appearance of the customers products. We provide printing service up to 10 colors.

Please enquire for special requirements.